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First touch, life. Second touch, dead. Again. Forever.

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At this very moment...

Young Ned was not like the other children. Nor was he like anyone else, for that matter. For young Ned could touch dead things and bring them back to life. But the gift came with a caveat or two. Keep a dead thing alive for longer than a minute... and someone else had to die. But there was still one more thing young Ned had to learn. If young Ned touched a dead thing for a second time, they died again. This time, forever.

First touch, life. Second touch, dead. Again. Forever. No pokes or prods, no jabs and jimmies would bring the dead back a second time, no matter how hard he tried.

As young Ned grew, he began to become obsessed with pies in the quiet night time kitchen of the Longborough School for Boys, and the warm feeling of safety that came with the whiff of nostalgia of his mother. And so, young Ned became the Pie Maker. And in the Pie Hole, he makes his pies. Where the peaches never brown and dead fruit becomes ripe in his hands with everlasting flavour, if only he made sure not to touch it twice.

Despite the complications of his gift, it came in useful in the business of the private investigator Emerson Codd, where the Pie Maker's touch gives them the ability to ask the murder victim what had happened, as long as they do it in one minute. The Pie Maker's secret ability also came in useful in the untimely death of his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte Charles, better known to him as 'Chuck.' A brush of a finger against her cheek had brought her back to life, but as a consequence, they could never, ever touch.

Disclaimer and Credits

Disclaimer: I am not Ned the Pie Maker, Lee Pace, or Brian Fuller. I do not own Pushing Daisies in any way. Do not sue. Ned here probably won't bring me back to life after the lawsuit gives this poor little mun a heart attack.

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